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Eminem Discography: Eminem - Encore (2004)

Encore was set for release on November 16, 2004, but was moved up to November 12, due to the leakage of the album on the Internet. That date being a Friday, rather than a Monday (the day when chart weeks start), meant that he had only two days to compete for the #1 position that week in the UK. However, with the huge anticipation and pre-order sales for the album, this still allowed him to reach the top spot there, beating albums from top-selling artists like Britney Spears and Westlife.

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More information:
The album features substantially more production from Dr. Dre than The Eminem Show, which was mostly produced by Eminem and longtime collaborator Jeff Bass. The album's lead single, "Just Lose It," premiered on radio stations across the U.S. on September 23, 2004. The "Just Lose It" video was also available around the world since early October 2004. It makes fun of pop singer Michael Jackson.

"Mosh" is an anti-Bush song, and it was the second song to be "leaked" to internet. A music video was also leaked before the 2004 presidential elections.
"Encore" feat. Dr. Dre & 50 Cent was released as airplay only.
The second single was "Like Toy Soldiers", depicting the rap feud between Shady Records, Murder Inc. Records, and Benzino.
"Mockingbird" was the third single released, describing the feelings he has for his daughter Hailie Jade.
"Ass Like That", the fourth single, was released in 2005.
Encore was eventually certified 4-times platinum; however, it was a sales disappointment compared to Eminem's previous two albums.
Many critics panned Encore as Eminem's most mediocre effort, referring to its second-rate production and lyricism, especially in comparison to his previous albums.

"Encore" was nominated at the Grammy Awards of 2006 for Best Rap Album, but lost to Kanye West's Late Registration. It was Eminem's first major album not to win this award, since The Slim Shady LP, The Marshall Mathers LP, and The Eminem Show all won it in the year they were released.

Album: Eminem - Encore (2004) Track listings & Lyrics

Song name date View lyrics
Curtains Up (Encore Version) 2004 view >>
Evil Deeds 2004 view >>
Never Enough 2004 view >>
Yellow Brick Road 2004 view >>
Like Toy Soldiers 2004 view >>
Mosh 2004 view >>
Puke 2004 view >>
My First Single 2004 view >>
Paul (Skit) 2004 view >>
Rain Man 2004 view >>
Big Weenie 2004 view >>
Em Calls Paul (Skit) 2004 view >>
Just Lose It 2004 view >>
Ass Like That 2004 view >>
Spend Some Time 2004 view >>
Mockingbird 2004 view >>
Crazy In Love 2004 view >>
One Shot 2 Shot 2004 view >>
Final Thought (Skit) 2004 view >>
Encore / Curtains Down 2004 view >>
We As Americans 2004 view >>
I Love You More 2004 view >>

Ricky Ticky Toc (Bonus track)

2004 view >>

About the Tracks

Evil Deeds: This song contains lyrics about how he was he grew up. he says in his own words, how he was brought up by numerous members of his family.

Never Enough: In this song he talks about how people say he is in the shadow of Dr Dre. He talks about people who joke about him saying he's just fake. This Song features Nate Dogg and 50 cent.

Yellow Brick Road: The Opening is Jerry Springer (not creditied) talking about saving the children of this generation. Eminem then Burps at the end of this. Many see this as telling people who say that, you should be trying to help THEM not getting rid of him. It Talks about a part of his past he doesn't normally talk about. How he was trying to black because thats all who knew at the time. He also (in a way) attacks "The Source" saying that "I say people heard that song and it aint half bad, but it was I singled out a whole race..." "apoligising" for saying the word Nigger on a track.

Puke: This track features at the beginning the sound of Eminem being sick. he then says, "There I go. Thinkin' of you again." He then raps about how he hates Kim and everything he did for her is wasted, like a tatoo with "Kim" on it, and his next girlfriend has to be called Kim because of it. "Shiiiiiiiiit!"

Big Weenie: This is about a bully who has been saying things about Eminem. Eminem raps back at him, saying they are going to conduct an experiment with everyone watching. He keeps faking that he has forgotten about it to lower him into a false sense of security, and compares him to a frog. Eventually Eminem forgets the actual contents of the Experiment.

Rain Man: This song cleverly takes the words "Rain man" from a certain movie. Eminem seems to have gone crazy or dumb. The chorus seems interrupted, "Nice to me, you- Hi! My name is...I forgot my name!" In this he raps about things like what the bible says about sex, and in the third verse begins to repeat the first before realising his mistake.

Just Lose it: The memorable joke about Micheal Jackson. Many say it sounds like Without Me. It begins with "guess who's back?" just like Without Me did, so this may be the reason. Eminem switches from Santa Claus, to DJ, to party organiser, to drunk, to in jail, and to rapper. A staple in this song is Eminems throaty yell when he "loses it".

* - In the track listing on edited version cuts, this track is listed as "A** Like That"


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