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Eminem's Enemies, Rivals and Beefs

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Canibus' beef with Eminem started in 1998 before Eminem was signed. Eminem spoke on how the beef with Canibus started on Tim Westwood's hip-hop show, which can be heard by clicking here. Em stated how Wyclef and Canibus approached him in 1998 (before Em blew up) and asked if he ghost-wrote the lyrics to LL Cool J's "The Ripper Strikes Back" which was a diss to Canibus. After Eminem denied writing the song, he explains that Canibus was rude to him.

Canibus came to see him on the Warped Tour the following year and apologised for his reactions and asked if Eminem was still up for doing collaboration. Canibus presented Eminem with the track "Phuck U" from the 2000 B.C album, Eminem wasn't feeling the track and turned it down. His reason was he thought that it sounded like it was directed toward him and LL, but he couldn't really tell.
Eminem made numerous name drops on the 'Slim Shady LP', which could have been taken either way. Lines like "I'm cancerous, so when I diss you wouldn't wanna answer this If you responded back with a battle rap you wrote for Canibus" could have been taken as a diss or a compliment. Eminem also mentioned Bis' in a track called 'Get You Mad' which was on Sway & Tech's 'This Or That' album, the lyrics were "Lesson Three: Get a job at a label; switch demos with Canibus and put yours on the owner's table (here listen!)".

Shortly after Eminem's sophomore LP 'Marshall Mathers LP' dropped, Canibus decided to continue the story of Stan. 'Stan' was the third single to be released from the 'Marshall Mathers LP' and told a story about a crazed fan who eventually drove himself off a bridge because Eminem didnt write a letter back to him. The first skit on Canibus' Third release entitled 'C True Hollywood Stories' was 'Stan Lives' where Canibus witnesses Stan driving off the bridge and he pulls over and helps him. This leads into the first track of the album called 'U Didn't Care'. In the track Canibus takes the role of Stan and writes to Eminem. He mentions the time when they met "Matta fact, I think he met you/It was the day you came to his video shoot with DJ, Jimmy's nephew/'Clef stepped to him and told him he should step to you/That you was ghost writing for L, but that wasn't true/You was looking at him the same way I'm looking at you/Why can't we be friends Em', I don't want nothing from you" then the most talked about diss of the album came "You see there's a little bit of Stan in all of us/Tell me where you think all of these record sales sparred from/Talking 'bout Britney and Christina Aguilera/N'sync too, have you ever looked in a mirror?/Your hair ain't really blonde, and ya eyes ain't blue/So never diss me, cuz when you diss me your dissin you.."

Canibus also had another skit on the album involving Stan where they are sitting in a limousine chatting, 'Stan' offers Bis an M&M and Bis replies with "I don't eat M&M's (Eminem)". Stan is also included in the Rock influenced track 'Draft Me' where Canibus raps about defending his country.
After hearing this album Eminem fired a few more shots at Bis on various tracks, First there was 'Squaredance' Track 5 from his Third album 'The Eminem Show' where em spits "Can-I-B*tch don't want no beef with slim no..." and he also calls him 'Canadabis' at the end of the track. Apart from that, there were a few subliminal disses scattered throughout the album on tracks such as 'When the music stops' and 'Say what you say' and the intro to the first single 'Without Me' where he uses the "Round the outside" part of Bis' boxcutter track.

With no reply from Bis' Eminem continued to diss him, A track from Xzibit's 4th release 'Man Vs Machine' called 'My Name' Eminem spits the line "I'd rather have my mothaf*cking ass whooped by Moby/'fore I let some b*tch in a can like Bis cop over me".
November 19th 2002 Canibus dropped his 4th release 'MicClub: The Curriculum' almost out of the blue. Two of the tracks on the album had Eminem references. 'Dr C PhD' was aimed mainly at Eminem. Nearing the end of the track gives it away "to tell you the truth, I thought your rebuttal was weak/round the outside, blah, blah, etceteras, etceteras/the body of my literature is bigger than South America/nigga look, this is all I gots to say/suck my P-H-D-I-C-K"
Then came the banger of the album 'Curriculum 101' where Bis spits "Anybody better than Bis must be a hoax/Black man NO/what about the great white hope? /What? Man you must be sniffing' some great white coke/Don't you that's like Gary Coleman fighting' the hulk/Still not even quite that close/A great mic fight in ya rubber dingy boat 50 miles out from the coast/What the f*ck is the MATHERS with you/I beat you black and blue, then I get a tat of you too/Better yet I put a tattoo of me on you/A 10 by 10 "C" logo, neon blue".

Canibus has been on a few radio stations giving Eminem props for his lyrical ability (but is he better than RTJ? (Rip the Jacker) F*ck No!), and also the latest Eminem diss track to Benzino 'Nail in the coffin' sounds like it could be giving Canibus some props too. "Life's a b*tch ain't it Raymond/Here, let me break it this shit down in laymen's Terms for you just to make sure that you can Understand this/And Canibus ain't using too many complicated f*cking words for you/Here, let me slow it down for you So that you can understand if I say it slower/Let it go dog it's over".

On Canibus' latest Mixtape entitled 'The Brainstream' Canibus has touched on the beef subject "But I heard him call my name a couple times, in a couple of his rhymes and I thought about it a couple of times/Is he lookin for a response or is he being a jerk? Or am I just to involved in my work?
I thought to myself, "why he put my name in his verse"? When he said I wasnt ill he just made things worse"


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