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Eminem's Enemies, Rivals and Beefs

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Another beef that Eminem has dragged himself into involves former House Of Pain member Erik Schrody aka Whitey Ford. Whitey Ford dissed Shady on record. He said some f*cked up shit. Eminem referred to it on a Farmclub interview. Saying he'll be the next to get dissed.
In one of Eminem's disses towards Everlast, Quitter he explains how the whole beef began. "...I'ma tell these motherf*cking fans the truth, the reason why you dissed me first and I answered you. You said I passed you in the lobby and I glanced at you like I ain't noticed you, b*tch I had a show to do. Like I'm supposed to be star struck, come over to you, you better shut your mouth while you 0 for 2...". Whatever the reason was that kicked off this beef between the two artists, it sprung into several different songs.

After Everlast was insulted by the disrespect Eminem presented towards him, he decided to lash out at him. Whitey Ford dissed Shady on record. He said some f*cked up shit.

Eminem was currently on the Anger Management Tour when he was notified of Everlasts' insult. Obviously pissed off, Eminem decided to hit back at him with a song called I Remember that was released on the B-Side of D-12's Shit On You Single. In this song Em hits far below the belt with comments on low-points in Everlast's career, his age, and even his heart troubles.

Everlast did not seem to offended by this song according to his record label, Tommy Boy Records. A statement issued by the label on behalf of Everlast said, "He is amused. He thinks that the song is quite funny." However, Whitey Ford chose to continue the ongoing lyrical battle, answering I Remember with a diss of his own entitled Whitey's Revenge. Everlast pulls no punches on the slow-grooving track, using the intro to dedicate the song to Eminems mother. In the song, Everlast asks "Will the real Slim Shady please act up?" and suggests both rappers drop their mics and make their battle a physical one. He then goes on to question Eminems sexuality and to accuse him of being an "Ecstasy junkie."

Obviously Eminem was not about to let Everlast get the last word. Within a couple of weeks Em had finished a song featuring The Dirty Dozen entitled Quitter (which can be found below). In this Eminem answers Everlast's suggestion in Whitey's Revenge to make this battle a physical one, " F*ck you, fat boy, drop the mic, let's fight...".

Within the track Eminem states "He can't rap or sing but wants to do both" and D12 throw shots further degrading the character of Everlast. The beef was eventually squashed by B-real when he came between them. So the beef fizzled out and Eminem prepared himself for jumping into the next beef he'd find himself in ....


Everlast feat Dialated Peoples - Ear Drums Pop
"Cock my hammer, spit a comet like haley
I'll buck a three-eighty on ones that act shady".

Eminem - I Remember
" Remember back in '94, like right before Ms Everlast was Whitey Ford. Before his heart attack had him on life support "

Everlast - Whitey's Revenge
"I know that shit I spit on Dilated hurt your pride, Screamin' on a record how you wish I died".

Eminem & D-12 - Quitter
"No one's tryin to hear some fuckin old fart in a chair, sittin on stage, strummin acoustic guitar in your ear. So you start to get scared, sit back and spark an idea".


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