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Eminem's Enemies, Rivals and Beefs

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Royce Da 5'9

Once good friends Eminem and Royce were teamed together on Tommy Boy records under the name of Bad Meets Evil. The team recorded such Hip-Hop classics as the Slim Shady LP rack, Bad Meets Evil, Scary Movies and The One.
his all started on DJ Butter's track "Don't try this at home", which was a compilation of D12 and D-Elite. In this song Bizarre of D12 dissed Royce. After hearing this Royce wrote a diss record mainly to Bizarre called "Shit On You", obviously over the beat of D12's "Shit On You" but never released it as he didn't want to start a feud with D12.

After a while, Eminem and Royce were starting to part ways and not talking so much. In a recent interview Royce was asked "Who do you think if ruining rap right now? Or who would you say is whack or want to start a beef with anytime soon?". To this Royce replied "D12" and calling them "the worst f*cking rap group ever".

D12 heard this remark from Royce and considered it a challenge. At the 50 Cent release party in Detroit, D12 had recorded a mix tape to give it for free to the hardcore fans. The first track was titled "Smackdown" and started the CD with the Royce interview in which he called them out. The track went into a full out diss record over the beat of 50 Cent's "Backdown". However, Eminem did not appear in any of these D12 tracks, it was only the 5 other members.

After hearing this Royce went to his local radio station for an Interview claiming he's going to be coming back much harder 3 times. While there they played the, at the time unheard, Shit On You diss to Bizarre. Over the next few days Royce lived up to his word and released all 3 tracks, "Malcolm X", which is a diss to all of D12, "What We Do", also a diss to D12, and finally "We Riding", a full track directed straight towards Eminem. Each track coming harder then the last. Although We Ridin is a track directed at Eminem, it is not a full force diss track, it is merely Royce's feelings about Eminem put on wax.

After these tracks D12 had clearly been shown up. Proof being the ring leader of D12 did a remake of 50 Cents "Many Men" and released it. The track was seen as an awful attempt to diss. Shortly after Proof returned again with his Detroit group "Purple Gang" and recorded a much harder diss track titled "The Beef Is Over". This was the last diss record that was released.

After all this, Royce and Proof were still exchanging threats and such and decided to end it for good, by meeting in Detroit, just the two of them. When met up, Royce and Proof went at it and were both arrested for each carrying a weapon. They both spent a night in the cell together and had a chance to talk it through and solved the beef there that night.

Royce and Proof are even thinking of collaborating again sometime soon, and Eminem is yet to speak on the battle with Royce.


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