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Eminem's filmography

Here you can read everything about Eminem's filmography (movie career), film music and producer skills.

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Eminem Actor Credits
Eminem Producer Credits
Eminem Music Credits

Eminem Actor Credits

Title date more info
Scribble Jam - Archive Number 1 2005  
Pauly Shore is Dead 2004  
8 Mile (Jimmy Smith, Jr) 2002  
The Wash 2001  
Da Hip Hop Witch 2000  
Eminem - All Access Europe 2002  
Eminem - The Slim Shady Show 2001  
Eminem - E 2000  
Eminem - The Up In Smoke Tour 2000  
Eminem Presents The Anger Management Tour 2005  

Eminem Producer Credits

Title date more info
Get Rich or Die Tryin' 2005  

Eminem Music Credits

Title Song title date more info
Fantastic Four On Fire 2005  
The Longest Yard My Ballz 2005  
Cradle 2 the Grave Go To Sleep 2003  
8 Mile Composer   2002  
8 Mile Original Music   2002  
8 Mile Song Performer Lose Yourself 2002  
8 Mile (2002) 8 Mile 2002  
Bones (2001) These Drugs 2001  
Bully Music Performer   2001  
The Wash Music Performer   2001  
Next Friday Song Performer Murder Murder 2000  
Scary Movie
(featuring Bad Meets Evil & Royce 5'9")
Scary Movies 2000  


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