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Eminem Interviews

WorldPop.com Interview with Slim Shady

Date: unknown
Source: WorldPop.com

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Did you ever regret dissing Christina Aguilera in The Real Slim Shady lyrics?

No, I believe I should be able to say what I want on a record.
She wants to sue me and I don't care whether she does or not.
By the time my career ends I'll have no money left thanks to all the lawsuits. I'll be broke!

Why have you chosen to attack your critics on your albums?

I felt that a lot of my lyrics were misunderstood by the critics and I'm adressing that.
A lot of things were taken literally which was never my intention.
There's more humour and layers of meaning on my previous album.
That's why my most recent one's called The Marshall Mathers LP:
it's my true story and I hope the critics get mad at me!

You can hardly blame them.

Yeah, I'm controversial but I just speak my mind.
What really hurts me is that pop starts are written about more fairly and they certainly don't deserve it.
What they do can be bland, empty and pure entertainment yet the'ye forgiven.
It's like they're being measured by a different standard.
When I try to raise some issues I get knocked back for it.
That's not fair and that's one of the things I'm addressing.
I love the media because you guys give me a lot of stuff to talk about!

So with the critics accepting
The Marshall Mathers LP you'll have no reason to express your anger in the future!

Yeah, I'll probably have to start rapping like Will Smith!

Does it bother you that you're no longer perceived as an underground artist?

I'm still and underground artist but with a mainstream appeal.
Being an underground artist doesn't mean you can't have hits.
It's about doing your own thing and not worrying about excuses.
I'm still hard and uncompromising and I've not tried to polish my lyrics to make them more acceptable.
I'm not prepared to tone my lyrics down to shift a million more copies of my album.
I don't care whether television or radio play my music,
I'm not going to water-down my style for nobody!

Don't you feel responsible towards your younger fans?

No. I never wanted to be a role model but I am aware that kids are looking up to me.
I also believe that kids are smart and they don't just want to ape my behaviour.
I hope they look up to me and get inspired to get out from their tragic situations.
Anyway most of the things just rhyme and really don't mean much.
If you want to read into it there's nothing I can do about it.

Is it true you're heading for Hollywood?

Hollywood keeps an eye on what's going on and I've had plenty of offers to have my
music in the movies, as well as to act, but nothing's grabbed my attention.
There was talk of a film based on my life story and when
I have some time off from music I'd like to start working on it.
The plan is that we'll write it together, me and Dre.

The first time you met Dr Dre you were decked out in a canary-yellow tracksuit.
What was going on with your wardrobe?

I didn't have any money so that was the only decent thing I had.
It was given to me as a promo and Dre called me a Banana.
He thought I looked stupid but the moment we started working together,
we dropped four songs in about six hours! I know that impressed Dre more than my yellow suit!

How influential has Dre been on your music?

I didn't start writing lyrics until I was 14 but by the time I met Dre I had a vision of where
I wanted to take it and he showed me how to take it there. How to execute it...
It's been two years since I started working with Dre and it is getting more comfortable.
We trust each other more, we can be more open with eachother.

Own up... who's the real you? Marshall Mathers, Slim Shady or Eminem?

Marshall Mathers ends when the Baccardi kicks in and Slim Shady raises his head.
Eminem takes over then I hit the stage.

We couldn't have classed you as the 'Bacardi drinking' kid of man...

My favourite mix of drugs is whatever around. Whatever is available on the night.


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