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Eminem Song Lyrics
Eminem Song name: Ken Kaniff Lyrics

Lyric Artist: Eminem
Lyric Album: The Slim Shady LP
Lyric Song: Ken Kaniff
Lyric Date: 1999

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Performed by Aristotle, Eminem, and Marky Bass of FBT Productions

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Ken Kaniff Lyrics

Call this mother f*cker
( dial tone )
Ohh f*ck yeah
Give em a piece of my mind....
A piece of my ass
( thanks for waiting,
This is -----
May I help you? )
Ohh thank you
I need to make a collect call
( what number? )
The numbers _62-____
( at the tone, please say your name. )
( beep )
Kennith kaniff....from connecticut.
Automated piece of shit
Ring, ring
Hey there cockboy.
Who's this?
This is ken kannif
Ken kannif from connecticut, ya little b*tch.
From connecticut?
Yean you wanna get a...
I don't know nobody in connecticut.
You wanna get a hotel room with me?
A hotel room?
Yeah, you want me to lick your ass, eminem!?
Ha.. yo, wh, who is this? cage?
Hey, pa ha..
You want me ta f*ckin melt in your mouth and not in your hand? melt in
Your ass, ya little cockboy.
He k k k k, yo shut up you little b*tch.
Oh you think I'm lyin huh?
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


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